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Metal Roofing and Supplies for Contractors

Looking for a partner to complete a roof for you? Or do you simply need some metal roofing supplies of your own? Well, we have you covered either way! We supply and work with contractors throughout Pennsylvania! If you are in need of a roofing partner or metal as a contractor, you’re in the right place! We provide an easy, hassle-free way to get the materials or work you need done at an affordable price.

You can buy metal from us and then trust us to do the hard work for you. We deliver out to your job site and roll and lay everything down for you. Plus, we also do the notching and hemming for you, just another way we save your business time and money! If you have the prints available, we can provide pricing for you on the spot, or you can always call in and speak with our friendly staff and they’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Check out some of our options below.

We Offer Standing Seam Metal and Traditional Metal Panels

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Everseam™ Standing Seam Metal

The Everseam Panel is a pre-painted, standing seam metal roofing panel. Our product has the elegant look of a traditional style standing seam, with the strength and durability of high-strength 24-gauge steel. Our high-quality, pre-painted metal roof affords homeowners an attractive life cycle cost as they will not crack, shrink, or erode over time. Everseam offers a wide selection of styles and colors to satisfy any homeowner’s needs. This makes them an attractive long-lasting alternative to many conventional roofing materials that require continual maintenance and repair. It also helps increase the resale value of your building as well.


Everlast II™ Metal Panels

Everlast II has an attractive board, batten, and symmetrical pattern, which is a popular choice for residential and commercial buildings. The crisp, clean appearance, along with a variety of color options available, make it the perfect roof. We have a full line of trims and accessories available to complete your building project. The panels have a deep antisiphon groove, which protects against leakage and makes it longer lasting.

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